West Middlesex Golf Club

Last Man Standing Rules

LMS entry and format:

The Last Man Standing (LMS) competition runs from March to September.

The LMS has an entry fee of £5, payable in the Pro-shop.

All singles competitions, mid-week and weekend, can count towards LMS points. Medal competition scores are converted to Stapleford points for the LMS score sheet.

A fee of £1 is payable per round to include your score in the LMS scoresheet. This is paid at competition entry time in the Pro-shop. Each player is responsible for verifying their own scores. Disputes must be resolved within one week of play in the Pro-shop.

The best ten scores for each player are accumulated and players are ranked in ascending sequence. Ties are decided by the number of games played, with the player with the most games played ranked highest.

The LMS is open to all members, men, women and juniors, in all categories full, 5 day and lifestyle.

LMS Playoff:

The top ten players plus ties, i.e. same number of points and same number of games played, at the end of the year will enter into a playoff over 9 holes.

Players will play off their full handicap. The player with the highest nett score on each hole will be eliminated.

One player will be eliminated on each hole until there is a “Last Man Standing” after 9 holes. Note: Only the 9 players will proceed to the 2nd hole.

In the event of a tie on the hole being played, a chip-off or a putt off will be used to eliminate one, or more players.

The referee’s decision is final in the event of any dispute during the playoff.

The LMS final will be played on September 22nd 2024