West Middlesex Golf Club

Practice Ground

WMGC has three dedicated practice areas, one by the 15th tee which has 50- 100- and 150-yard markers. 

To the left-hand side of the area is a 120-yard par three with green and bunkers, if you aim right the area extends to 200 yards so most clubs can be used.

There is also an area to the left of the 16th fairway which is 120 yards in length, so just the shorter clubs to be hit, no drivers to be used.

The short game practice area is alongside the 1st fairway, this is just 60 yards long, again with a putting green and bunker to fine tune those pitching / chipping skills.

By the 1st tee we have an excellent putting green which mirrors the surface and speed of the greens out on the course, not to be used for chipping. 

Also, three covered nets, for loosening up or for a quick practice before you venture out onto the course.