West Middlesex Golf Club

Par 3

The 2nd

The 2nd Daunting Par 3 over a Valley – Essential that you carry the ball the yardage, don’t under club. COURSE GUIDE Par 3 SI 8 – 198yds SI 8- 183yds SI 9 – 163yds The 2nd Pro tip: Daunting … Read More

The 14th

The 14th A long par three. Surrounded by bunkers. A rather large tricky green, so club selection is important. COURSE GUIDE Par 3 SI 15 – 178yds SI 15 – 164yds SI 16 – 150yds The 14th Pro tip: A … Read More

The 11th

The 11th Club selection is critical depending on the pin. Better to be short than long as this leaves you with an easier putt. COURSE GUIDE Par 3 SI 17- 157yds SI 17 – 149yds SI 18 – 100yds The … Read More

The 10th

The 10th Long par three. Land slopes off to the left, so an accurate shot to the right hand side of the green is required. COURSE GUIDE Par 3 (Red Par 4) SI 5 – 222yds SI 5 – 217yds … Read More

The 7th

The 7th Club selection is important. Plays its length with narrow but very long green. COURSE GUIDE Par 3 SI 10 – 209yds SI 10 – 190yds SI 15 – 175yds The 7th Pro tip: Club selection is important. Plays … Read More

The 5th

The 5th Clubbing here is important.Two tier green, so check where the flag is. COURSE GUIDE Par 3 SI 18 – 168yds SI 18 – 159yds SI 17 – 144yds The 5th Pro tip: Clubbing here is important. Two tier … Read More