West Middlesex Golf Club

Par 4

The 4th

The 4th Played pretty much as you see it – Keep your drive just left of centre of the fairway as there is a fairway bunker down the right hand side. COURSE GUIDE Par 4 SI 6 – 349yds SI … Read More

The 3rd

The 3rd Short par four requires a drive left of centre, taking the big tree out of play. COURSE GUIDE Par 4 SI 14 – 297yds SI 14 – 292yds SI 7 – 285yds The 3rd Pro tip: Short par … Read More

The 18th

The 18th An excellent finishing hole. Dog leg left round the corner requires a drive just right of centre to open up the green. Club selection is important here. COURSE GUIDE Par 4 SI 7 – 401yds SI 7 – … Read More

The 16th

The 16th A short par four. A tricky green, requiring a drive left centre of fairway as green slopes from right to left. COURSE GUIDE Par 4 SI 13 – 341yds SI 13 – 335yds SI 14 – 299yds The … Read More

The 12th

The 12th Dog leg left. Line is the silver Birches in the distance. A good drive will leave you with a mid to short iron approach. COURSE GUIDE Par 4 SI 9- 350yds SI 9 – 336yds SI 8 – … Read More

The 15th

The 15th A long par four. Requires a drive just left of centre of the fairway. A guarded large green with bunkers. Club selection is most important and pin placement makes the hole play completely differently – the second shot … Read More

The 13th

The 13th Great Hole. Requires a fade round the big tree or a draw starting it to the right of the big tree. (Inside Power House railings is OB). COURSE GUIDE Par 4 (Red Par 5) SI 1 – 457yds … Read More

The 9th

The 9th Tricky par four. There is a bush in the middle of the fairway 120 yards short of the green. The green is surrounded by trees, no room for error. COURSE GUIDE Par 4 SI 12 – 390yds SI … Read More

The 8th

The 8th Long par four requiring a good drive to the left of centre of the fairway, opening up the green. COURSE GUIDE Par 4 (Red Par 5) SI 2 – 453yds SI 2 – 429yds SI 5 – 402yds … Read More