West Middlesex Golf Club

Par 5

The 1st

The 1st Par Five to start, dog leg left. Best suits a drive to right centre of fairway to open up the hole. COURSE GUIDE Par 5 SI 16 – 482yds SI 16 – 469yds SI 13 – 436yds The … Read More

The 17th

The 17th A nice friendly double dog leg par five. Green tucked around the corner from a dog leg left. Important to stay down the right hand side of the fairway. COURSE GUIDE Par 5 SI 11 – 509yds SI … Read More

The 6th

The 6th Long par five. Try to keep to the left hand side of the fairway after two, this opens up approach to the green. COURSE GUIDE Par 5 SI 4 – 530yds SI 4 – 522yds SI 1 – … Read More